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podklady 1080 1080 1
130 Kč

Easy clothing or backpack zippers use.

Latex inserts
100 Kč

Sitting bones protection.   Foamed latex inserts increase thermal comfort. Perforation supports air circulation and eliminates moisture. Available in thicknesses 2 - 5...

Latex layer
from 1 100 Kč

Soft and breathable material from natural sources. Soft anti decubitus layer foamed latex layer with five ergonomic cut-outs in the most common areas of pressure ulcers....

LTX/2 -
Carbon fibre platform
2 400 Kč

Lightweight platform for constant performance during use. The lightweight, durable and strong carbon fibre plate keeps the seat shape and prevents the seat's characteristics...

TER09872 nahled
from 250 Kč

A playful occupational therapy tool for all generations.   It is also suitable for people with cognitive impairment, fine motor impairment or impaired hand grip function....

90/1 K
TER01214 sq
2 100 Kč

The refined 3D fabric cover contributes to the seat's anti-decubitus function. The Libella Seat Varia cover well distributes pressure, sits firmly and does not roll over...

Laundry bag
300 Kč

For easy regular hygiene. We insist on hygiene because it is an important part of pressure ulcers prevention.The laundry bag is made of durable mesh to protect the components...


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